Meet Guidee, your personal tour-guide of landmark historic and cultural sites worldwide

Whether you're visiting an iconic site in-person or virtually, Guidee takes you on an immersive experience that adds a little magic to your trip or staycation.


Available for iPhone and iPad:


Learn the history

  • Sequential, exciting story telling narrated by voice actors
  • Live the stories, history, and culture as you progress through the Points of Interest (POIs)

Immersive experience

  • Curated photos and captions for each POI help paint a vivid picture of the site's story
  • Easy navigation and automatic audio trigger let you focus more on the site itself

Tour independently

  • Easily navigate and tour on your own schedule and pace (see how to tour along with companions here)
  • Save time, hassle and some serious money - without sacrificing the quality of the experience


Watch Guidee in Action


Available for iPhone and iPad:


Guidee is currently available on the App Store - take it for a spin, we would love to hear about your experience!


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