'Independent' Cruise Enthusiasts Are on the Rise, but Are You Meeting Their Needs?

In 2022, 20-40% of cruise passengers were ‘independents.'

Above all, 'independent' passengers value freedom and flexibility. They want more say in how and where they spend their time at a destination. These might be your younger passengers, your solo travelers, couples, and even families.

Most cruise lines have tended to overlook this segment of their passenger base in terms of providing services that meet their unique needs. While guided excursions and tours have always been the focus, they are not necessarily what this group of passengers is seeking.

Guidee was designed to fill this void.  

Guidee is a self-guided tour platform that can be integrated directly into the cruise line’s existing apps as a web-app, or as a white label stand-alone app. 

Guidee’s experiential self-guided tours allow your 'independent' passengers to explore destinations stress-free, at their own pace, on their own time, and to customize their experience.  

GPS enabled 3D-maps, geo location,  live navigation to and through the attractions, lively audio stories, and rich visual content provide an immersive experience.

By giving this growing segment of your customer base what they want, you’ll increase their satisfaction and loyalty, and secure them as life-long customers.  

I’m Tim Nigma, Co-founder and CEO of Guidee.
If ‘independent’ passengers are part of your strategic vision, I invite you to reach out to me to explore how Guidee can help you capture and better service this important and growing segment of cruise enthusiasts.